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Semantic annotation of a site

Семантическая разметка сайтаSemantic annotation of a site – rather important part of internal optimization. And if you want to begin Internet resource advance on the Network by rules, you should repel from a semantic annotation.

Self-advertisement for the freelancer: how to look for customers?

работаFreelance recently for many it doesn't become simple hobby or a source of additional earnings, but also a way of life. And each freelancer knows: its success depends, first of all, on his name raskruchennost.

Ambulance for optimizers: what to do if line items of a site started decreasing sharply?

скорая помощьIf you are a participant any of professional SEO – communities, most likely, you happened to hear calls for help of other optimizers which noted sharp loss of line items of a site.

We study methods of black optimization. Refspam: what it is necessary to know about it?

спамToday, as we know, the spam is a black method of advance of a site. However recently popularity collects also other phenomenon of "black" optimization – рефспам. Let's try to clarify that this such.

False PR – don't fall into a trap

prOne of methods to improve site line items in lists of search engines external optimization is. Most often it consists in operation with links. They can be acquired for a fee, to exchange, agree, leave on open for commenting white sites and so on.

8 methods to increase efficiency of tizerny advertizing

рекламаTizerny advertizing collects popularity. How to raise the income from it and, respectively, profit? This question is topical and actual for our many compatriots who are engaged in promotion and advance on the Internet.

Google will make the Internet more pleasantly

интернетAt the beginning of the current year declaration of Google in which it is declared that the new algorithm of "Page Layout" which will discard back the sites which pages are veiled by advertizing is put into operation was published.

Web graphics: that it was convenient to visitors

графикаWe perfectly know that the most part of information of people is capable to perceive by means of the sight. The visual memory assumes receiving about 70% from all received information. Respectively that the person remembered your site, it is necessary to optimize its visual memory.

Regional sites can use Yandex to the maximum

яндексRegional advance in search engines – one of the priority directions for optimizers. However in Yandex regional bindings of sites till some time were fulfilled not up to the end.

"DDoS-attack" - whether it is worth being afraid of it?

ddosSafety of a site – one of the topics of the day and problems which the programmers creating web resources, solve in own way. Recently on the Network cases of DDoS-attacks became frequent. Let's try to understand, whether you should starting be anxious for own child under the name Internet resource.

The negative responses will help you with promotion

отзывOn what only shifts go the modern optimizers to make an untwisted site the most man-tended to increase its conversion and traffic. Recently the great value is attached to the negative responses which also can become a method of advance of a portal.

Bulletin boards on the Internet: their significance, distinctions and varieties

доски объявленийInternet advertizing is the same engine of trade, as well as the normal television advertisement. And for this reason today on the Network arises more and more types of Internet advertizing, and each such look can be used quite adequately by the optimizer in case of advance.

We collect information on the resource: systems of statistics of sites

графикStatistics of a demand and attendance of a site is especially valuable now to webmasters. It can present really important information which the optimizer can use in the further activities.

We lift attendance of a site target audience

посецаемостьTo lift attendance of a site, many methods are invented and used. Best of them are brought in article, but they give maximum efficiency only if are used in a complex.

The coding in web design

кодировкаVarious codings are applied to full transmission of text information on the Internet. As the practice shows, web page encoding becomes the most popular method of information transfer.

Social networks: why in them it is necessary to advance the site?

социальные сетиIn spite of the fact that the most part of experts speaks today about unreliability and unprofitability of such method of advance as promotion on social networks, nevertheless from original desire – to make a site popular in "Schoolmates" or "my World", - you shouldn't refuse.

Service of social news as instrument of advance of a web resource

новостиOn the Russian-speaking Internet recently experts mark growth of services of social news. Optimizers, certainly, could take this news for granted, however they reflect already today on how it is possible to use such services for advance of web resources.

We do the e-commerce site to the informative

электронная комерцияSite of electronic trading – a web resource which in the same way needs advance. It is worth supposing that its promotion on the Network has mass of features. In this case the optimizer shall achieve all the actions one important objective – to do shopping and orders of goods on such site the simplest and convenient.

SSL certificates: whether you should use them?

SSL сертификатWhat you imagine the modern optimizer? In our judgement, it is the flexible and advanced person who in the operation applies not only experience and the knowledge received during own activities, but also who skillfully is guided in web space and can single out that for it it is necessary, and that isn't present.

Index of failures in different elements of a site: on what it is necessary to pay attention?

отказStill quite recently the algorithm of ranging which is applied by many search engines, didn't differ the perfection. And for this reason in output we could find sites which not absolutely approached to these or those requests of users.