Eternal exile: why they so are pleasant to optimizers?

Earlier we already said that advance by means of links can go on two ways – uses of temporary exiles or purchase of links eternal. Last, by the way, especially it are pleasant to seo-specialists.

вечные ссылки

Advance by an eternal exile plays presently large role in complex promotion of a site. It is finite, the role of use and temporary exiles, and still eternal exile is great today the modern webmasters try to acquire. To what such popularity of this method of promotion of a site is connected, we will try to understand.

Agree, it is rather convenient – for promotion of the Internet projects to use the exchanges of the eternal exile which time of maintenance is unlimited. Undoubtedly, this method obviously benefits against another when optimizers are stimulated to use in the operation of the exchange with payment for placement time. As a rule, such method is justified if the optimizer is engaged in advance of an unpretentious client site; if you want to achieve more resistant and good results, an eternal exile is that is necessary for you.

Selecting a method of advance by an eternal exile, you follow the tastes search engines, and it isn't so bad. The matter is that recently tendencies of development of algorithms of search engines speak about what an eternal exile which don't disappear over time and are the most actual, operating for a long time, will provide to you not only loyalty of Yandex or Google, but also the stable income on the Internet.

It is natural to assume that advance by an eternal exile has both the advantages, and the shortcomings. Among primary benefits of this method of promotion of Internet projects it is worth marking, for example:

  1. Possibility of placement of links from a page context that does them more natural in "eyes" of search engines, than links which came from any blog which, to crown it all, very few people are known. Temporary exiles are rather easily filtered by PS and their efficiency is small because the majority of the sites which are engaged in similar trade, are under filters of retrieval robots.

  2. Such references are placed that is called "once and for all", and you don't need to pay for it permanently, after all their placement you pay all once. A certain period of placement of links can be guaranteed by the exchange, and therefore here much attention should be paid and to a choice of such exchange - it shall prove from the positive side for you.

  3. The placed references won't disappear even because of system "glitches" that will provide you high performance of promotion of a site.