E-mail marketing: activation of subscribers and clients

What is the e-mail marketing?

Marketing "made the way" long ago in the Internet. But e-mail-marketing is guided by clients even more often and more as authors of electronic mailings want profit from mailings, and it can achieve only activation of subscribers, clients. Here that case when the quantity transfers in quality, more precisely, in money is watched just.


If at you is not bad advanced in search engines (untwisted in search engines) a resource (for example,rates on XZAX sports. ) it is necessary to be engaged in an e-mail mailings. It is the adequate tool for operation with the clients who have registered on a site who need to be delivered regularly news. It will fix success very "inexpensive" efforts.

The regular mail mailing is considered an effective marketing mix on creation of image of the company and on informing of target audience and partners about goods, services, partners and actions.

I ruled activization of an e-mail of marketing of

How to activate process of an e-mail of mailings? What for this purpose it is necessary? Let's give some basic rules.

1) Strictly to execute business etiquette and behavior rules on networks: "welcome", "thanks for trust", "at us you will be able to receive", etc.

2) Honestly and explicitly to inform clients on offered goods and offered service: links and transitions, comparing with analogs, indexes of a response, the link to the authoritative companies and the faces which have used goods (service), etc.

3) In every possible way (but without persistence) to try "to be recorded in a zone" the potential client: to ask to skid in the address directory, to fill the Subject (Subject) of the Letter field ("Subject") attentively and laconically, to use "genre" of specific stories with specific persons instead of a normal information genre, use references to the previous pages, etc.

4) To try to organize mailing, at least on several categories: for example, for at whom in the browser are locked (on settings) a graphics and remaining.

5) To approach with subscribers: the loyal relations, without a hint on the (companies) superiority, convincing them of your reliability in case of any suitable case it is unostentatious.

6) In the, sometimes enough importunate and "hitrostny" efforts of "pull-in" of the addressee in a body or letter application, you don't cross the border deception, unrealizable promises, mismatches of a body of the letter and the Subject field.


7) To personalize a text field "from whom" ("From"), but without use popular a la "Avvakum Petrovitch Serebryany" or "Marfa Petrovna Johnson".

8) Уникализировать style, design and content of the letter: your message shan't be similar to others, and it will involve the client in his reading.

9) To use such effective tool, as "An appeal to action" ("Call to action") which stimulates the reader to making of the action necessary to you, for example, at least to stopping on a site (and there, – "take it in embraces and see off on the order page"), but only after lighting of advantages and advantages of goods (service). Never call "in a forehead" for clicking the link (anchors for what are invented? ) use neutral statements: "it is possible to receive particulars", "there are free materials", "there is an interesting analytics", etc.

10) Regular of mailing, presence of the person is important (it is desirable the marketing specialist), responsible for mailing – after all it is tiresome operation (besides mailing – is inertial, at once the result of won't show).

11) To organize necessary links in a visible place the principal page of a site (if it is the paid e-mail service of mailings, it shall allow to support automatically actual basis of subscribers, with a profile of each client on service where he can make changes, and also unsubscribe from mailing).

12) Without a consent of clients it is impossible to realize subscriptions (even if you bought basis of email addresses).

13) By operation with the mass B2C-markets prizes, discounts, etc. are necessary. By operation with the B2B-markets interest of business (that you I took "for the") is more important.

14) Use inquiries, but not long and it is unostentatious.

These simple and effective rules in practice will help you to tear electronic and mail marketing.

What shows efficiency of mailing?

Services on mailing collect detailed statistics and analyze it. Make reports on mailings which contain the following key parameters (characteristics) of mailings:

  • number (percent) of readings of mailings (interesnost of mailings);

  • number (percent) of transitions to a resource (usefulness of mailings);

  • number (percent) of delivery of messages (relevance of mailings);

  • number (percent) of failures (goodness of mailings);

  • number (percent) of hit in a spam (a correctness of mailings).

Even if mailing goes in the beginning "to emptiness", it can't be stopped as only from any next mailing you will begin to note that it earned, became the full-fledged marketing tool, and failures from it – decreased.