We plan an advertizing campaign on social networks

Social networks are especially scalely used by the modern optimizers for advance of Internet resources. Well and we hurry to share recipes of successful planning of effective campaign in popular social networks.

In spite of the fact that many experts who work in the SEO sphere, express doubts concerning, whether it is worth attracting social networks for advance of goods and services on the Internet, webmasters actively use possibilities of social media. What stops experts from right now to start advancing a resource through social networks? On that is the reasons among which it is worth marking and absence of successful cases, and the price which strikes the prompt growth, and low – in comparison with other methods of advance – conversion. And still favor of the thought-over advertizing campaign which is carried out on social networks, much more, than the negative moments. Well and absolutely to avoid them, it is necessary to weigh carefully each decision and to consider each step.

Социальные сети

Here some councils, adhering which, you will plan effective, and the main thing – useful to your resource, Internet campaign.

Let's say you realize company advance directly in several regions. In this case it makes sense to create the advertizing plan where you will experiment different types of declarations, use of different tags, etc. under each region. If the company advanced by you is in limits of one region, distinctions in your approaches can be gender and age. The name of the company needs to be skidded surely in utm parameters, in the same way as shortly, but clearly formulated таргет the declaration.

You remember and that appearance of your declaration is a half of guarantee of your success. Seriously and with all responsibility you treat a choice of a logo of the company, a slogan, the image which will decorate group or community. As practice shows, as the main image you can select the most popular goods or service which are offered by the company untwisted by you. Remember that the first that the user sees, it is the picture and title of your declaration and if you don't make impression on the user, you can forget once and for all about it – it won't return to you.

If you use target-groups, it is necessary that they were different. It is impossible to be restricted, for example, accurate division by gender and age criteria – try to dig far away to pick up a key to each client, to each representative of potential audience.

CTR and the click price on social networks are connected much more deeply, than in any other system. However you don't hurry to increase a rate – observe the frequency of shows in case of the smaller price and if this index satisfies you, you shouldn't uprate a level artificially.