Councils of the expert: whether it is worth reducing the cost of the visitor on a site

Such index as profitability of business depends not only on that, how many visitors come to you to a site, but also from that, how many money (and also nerves, efforts) you should put increation of sitesand in project development.

One of the principal indexes of effective use of the advertizing budget is also the index of in how many to us involvement of each potential client to own project manages. Certainly, nobody claims that communication with the client shan't cost today anything, however and too high cost of visitors should be reduced. Otherwise as profitability you can forget about such component of business once and for all. You remember, in business always there is the maximum restriction which allows your project to remain profitable throughout long time.

In practice it should be taken into account and indexes of probability of that your potential client on whom you expended own money, in the future becomes your client to constants. That is it is necessary to consider convertibility of clients in real money. And the question of lowering here this index of convertibility is the most essential in advance.

However you should know that it is necessary to reduce the cost of the visitor on a site with saving of conversion or in case of its insignificant oscillations. Certainly, if in case of reduction in cost of the visitor on a site conversion will grow in an ideal. However is only in an ideal.

Let's give an example: let's allow you have successful Internet project, and results which are received on it by the customer, in general arrange it. But there comes time when the customer understands: it is quite good to reduce the cost of the visitor on a site without loss in conversion. Today optimizers to whom customers come with the requirement to solve a problem of cost of the visitor, can use directly some methods. For example, quite good results are yielded by use of an effective semantic kernel. Certainly, thus, probably, the customer should be notified about probable increase in the advertizing budget in case of the general reduction in cost of the visitor on a site. However the competent customer shall evaluate all long-term perspectives of your sentence and won't be against it.