Density of keywords, whether is so important it?

The question of density of keywords, probably, was brought up more than once also by you if today you are engaged in advance of resources on the Internet. It is necessary to mark that judgements concerning density and its importance experts state the most different.

And still today we are inclined to think that the value of such index as density of keywords for compilation of the optimized texts more than is doubtful. Let's try to understand why we came to such output.

On what the statement is based, what density of keywords is improbably important and for the advanced page, and for the whole resource? On the most different delusions which today you can examine in blogs of many "seoshnik". And still the greatest practical value for any optimizer will have not such, not reinforced anything, data, and visit of conferences where each such aspect is studied by professionals of the market especially and it is illuminated in real light. For example, some consider that relevance of the page depends on quantity of the keywords used in the text, however this statement is reinforced by nothing today, and therefore can't be considered real, most justifying a situation.