Rational structure of e-commerce shops

интернет магазин

The major page in an e-commerce shop is not the principal page, and the directory page. As exactly here the visitor of a site has opportunity to examine goods, to compare, select. For this reason the page of the directory shall be as much as possible the functional, give filtering opportunities for the visitor. Thus filters shall work under difficult conditions as fast as possible. The second important condition after filters, is possibility of sorting. At least sorting according the price shall be present. It is better if goods on popularity and adding date are ranged. The main objective of the page of the directory consists in causing trust and pleasant emotions in the potential buyer.

Further the developer of a site shall give all the forces to the goods page. Though it is necessary to make a footnote. The page of the directory is prime for those shops which audience precisely didn't decide on goods. But if the buyer knows precisely that wants, in this case the page of goods comes out on top. Statistics shows that only 1% of goods is added to cart from the directory and 99% from the page of the detail description. Therefore this page shall be most filled and to be the informative for 100%. Qualitative photos, video records, exact price, explicit and indicative Buy button, the filled unit of characteristics and description. There is a mass of important and necessary services which many webmasters put is inappropriate and they add despondency to the page. For example, buttons of social networks aren't necessary if there is no attendance. Buttons "estimates and responses" with the records "Still There Are No Responses on These Goods" make impression of emptiness. If you delivered these services, it is necessary to work at their filling. It is the same important content, as well as descriptions of goods.

The basket is the that page where the buyer shall devote the attention to order design wholly. It is impossible that something distracted it, for example, a cap, a footer or links, excellent from "To issue the transaction". It is better to duplicate in a basket the positive information on a warranty, service, free delivery, discounts and actions.

The page of design of the order is important and difficult that it needs to be worked on existence of correlations. Many clients don't want to fill unnecessary information. And therefore, if the category "Shipment at own expense" is selected you shouldn't request the address. If payment when receiving is selected, it isn't necessary to ask the preferred form of transfer of means. It is important to take only that information which is really necessary for order design.

The principal page for an e-commerce shop isn't "principal". It is more expected returning audience, instead of the again got. Here it is expedient to place line items of the goods which are on sale best of all, information on actions, discounts, novelties and special offers.