As it is correct to organize possibility of commenting on a site Joomla! ?

Comments can be absent on a site developed on CMS Joomla! for two reasons: or the site is still insufficiently popular, or on a site the JComments component isn't set.

In the first case it is necessary to be engaged in site advance, using all methods:

  • internal and retrieval optimization;

  • advance on social networks;

  • contextual advertizing;

  • placement of a site and articles in directories;

  • site filling by a unique and interesting content of different character: text, video and audio.

In the second case it is necessary to find and download a free component of commenting which JComments is called. By the way, the most current release of a component (2.3) appeared quite recently and is suitable for almost all CMS Joomla versions! that is 1.0, 1.5, 1.7, 2.5.

Over the new version programmers worked more than a year. They optimized a code and provided compatibility with other extensions. Also over hundred errors were corrected and new functions and import support from five new extensions of third-party developers are added.

After the component was downloaded, it needs to be set and set up. From settings it is important to select categories of a site in which comments will be allowed, to set up notification messages that messages on new comments came to the specified e-mail address.

It is also necessary to set up "Right" point. This section allows to set user groups which can leave comments. If on a site there is an opportunity to register, it is possible to grant the right to leave comments only to the registered users. It will relieve of a huge number of a spam from which any site isn't protected. However same will reduce number of comments because not many users will want to register on a site to leave the comment.

Therefore all users are recommended to allow to leave comments for new sites, carefully tracking their character and the contents and when the site becomes more popular, it is possible to change settings.