The negative responses will help you with promotion

On what only shifts go the modern optimizers to make an untwisted site the most man-tended to increase its conversion and traffic. Recently the great value is attached to the negative responses which also can become a method of advance of a portal.

More than once each of us asked a question of how it is possible to write in certain cases crazy comments to article which is published in the company blog. The majority of us at all has a desire to pass this opinion and to argue the point of view. But even if at you such desire doesn't arise, all the same we see how on a site the most heated arguments with such commentators are torn, and the company, as usual, receives huge chains of comments. They, as we know, also can take the most active part in promotion of your site and favorably influence line items in output. The main thing, the nobility what exactly you want to receive as a result.


Negative comments are similar to immemorial discussions about meaning of the life or to disputes on music when one loves fate, another – a rap, and the third – ethnic songs. One will praise thus rock performers and to sling mud at any other music, and everyone in result remains in case of the and will disagree with judgement of another. However many of us became more than once witnesses when such useless and absolutely groundless disputes were carried throughout long time. On the Network all in the same way - one comment can entail the whole chain of the positive responses which will be to one, published a negative response, to prove the judgement.

In essence, by means of the negative comments today it is possible to call promotion a sneer company. In real life of such examples of public relations much more, than in the virtual, however and in online they meet recently also enough often. Besides, such method of promotion of a site has a mass of the advantages.