False PR – don't fall into a trap

In order that the external reference benefited a site, it is necessary that it was placed on a "white" or "trust" site. It is desirable that it had PR, TITs, the domain with use history more than a year, a subject content. The link which shall contain an anchor with key request, shan't be closed from searchers by the noindex or nofollow tags.


Buying links, the SEO master shall be extremely careful, especially, if the site on which link placement is planned, has the high level of PR. Certainly, if the index real, to the master and an advanced site it brings enormous success and considerably will help to raise line items in a search engine. But you shouldn't rely on a green band of the PR counter as many owners of sites learned is banal to forge results artificially to uprate the value of the resource before buyers of links.

Such effect by means of "black" SEO technology of patching is reached. Inherently it is quite simple performed by and to the person to have a certain level of dishonourableness to use it and enough to lift the PR level. For receiving a false index redirection is used, but such PR doesn't bring absolutely any benefit to the buyer of the link. Search engines won't improve judgement on a site, own PR from such acquisition won't benefit.

To define, the real PR level on a site or false, it is enough to show elementary vigilance. The first that shall guard is a low price for an external reference from a site which has the PR 5 level above. The SEO master who persistent work achieved a raising of a figure of merit of a site, won't begin to sell a referential place cheap as in fact is a board for its long and laborious work.

Secondly, it is necessary to analyze back references to the specified site. If in case of the high level of PR on a site carries only 100-150 external references, thus the lion share is the share of short-lived blogs, it is possible to declare practically with absolute confidence that before us a resource with the false PR level. And, at last, when doubts practically didn't remain, it is possible to study forums of the SEO masters. As a rule, colleagues very quickly reveal the unfair master in the rows and convict him publicly. If about the SEO master there is a negative information, be sure that before you the swindler selling links from a low-quality site.