Web graphics: that it was convenient to visitors

We perfectly know that the most part of information of people is capable to perceive by means of the sight. The visual memory assumes receiving about 70% from all received information. Respectively that the person remembered your site, it is necessary to optimize its visual memory.

And what how not the web graphics, will help to make it? After all still when graphic browsers only just became available to Internet users, already then webmasters reflected on how to make design of a site, its graphics being most remembered for visitors. The few know, but the web graphics has the secrets and if today you use them in the activities, quite probably, as you will promote business of advance of the Internet resource.


However, experts advise not to confuse a web graphics with any other as it is absolutely different concepts which have the differences and the features.

The modern web graphics uses actually some flowers as a result of which agitation various shades and palettes turn out. Correctly created image always will draw to itself attention, however to construct the being remembered picture or the whole design of a site, it is most important to know not only how it is necessary to control this or that received color.

The expert who wants to optimize as much as possible design or the used picture for a visual memory of the person, also shall consider a ratio between speed of count of volume of a graphic figure and opportunities of the screen of the computer when using saturated color. As practice shows, exists in a web graphics and the limit, and it makes 24 bits on one pixel.

Besides, recently the modern web graphics creates also own tendencies. One of them – processing of the being used image in style of a retro. And if you also want to use this method, you should know that for this purpose it is necessary to save only information on all shades of only one color. And here need to use other colors, other shades and colors in this case simply disappears. Such method is quite known to many programmers and designers, and it wears the name "Grayscale", or gradation of the gray.

When using these or those methods and receptions, tools and algorithms in a web graphics you should consider and one more its important feature: the more colors in a palette the designer uses, the more file of a graphic figure will weigh.

Recently webmasters rather often use also one more mode "Index color": in this case in the table the image pixel that allows to receive already optimized image is appropriated to each color index.