Semantic annotation of a site

Semantic annotation of a site – rather important part of internal optimization. And if you want to begin Internet resource advance on the Network by rules, you should repel from a semantic annotation.

In essence, the semantic annotation of a site can be provided in the form of a content which is issued by necessary HTML tags, and also it is formatted so that it was convenient to user to get acquainted with the text, images, video records and other contents of a site.

Семантическая разметка сайта

The most part of optimizers knows that correctness of display of the text depends on a semantic annotation of a site. However not each expert is informed also that from that, the semantic annotation is how competently carried out, relevance of pages of the Internet resource depends also. For some reason this factor – on ignorance or any other reasons – is given not enough attention. Though the purpose at all optimizers one – to make a resource noticeable and for representatives of target audience, and for retrieval robots.

What will be if the optimizer in the operation doesn't begin to use a semantic annotation of pages of a site? In this case you hardly will be able to study text or other contents of the page as the placed content will have no titles and subtitles, links, important phases and other necessary components.

How it is correct to use HTML elements for a marking? As experts mark, today the semantic annotation of a site shall assume an integrated approach – only on it depends as far as the site will be legible and interesting to your visitors.

It is necessary to begin with small – with use of the h1 tags - h6. As you, probably, already know, they are called to make important separate parts of the text, to select announcements, subtitles and text and page titles.

As soon as you used all tags, you should select one of two methods of imposition of a site – block, or divovy, and plate. Plate imposition – it is easy to guess – represents tables: in them the text is as in cells. However, most likely, you are informed that plate imposition uses a special code which is rather difficult perceived by searchers. For this reason we will consider a method of plate imposition outdated.