Self-advertisement for the freelancer: how to look for customers?

Freelance recently for many it doesn't become simple hobby or a source of additional earnings, but also a way of life. And each freelancer knows: its success depends, first of all, on his name raskruchennost.

Agree, today far not each customer will entrust project execution to the beginner or the person who let and has a wide experience in the environment and can brag of a fair shred of professionalism and studied English online of on the Network has no neither responses, nor operations and it isn't untwisted in any way. For this reason today your earnings and your congestion depend on your self-advertisement.


Discard stereotypes which parents in you, tutors and teachers put in the childhood – what to brag and praise themselves it is bad. On the contrary, the number of customers with whom you work, and level of your income, and your celebrity in the World Wide Web, and a lot of things many other things depends on your raskruchennost also. For this reason today we suggest you to study the diagram how successfully to advertize itself.

1 . Develop and permanently advance your site. The site which is created by the freelancer and tells about services which that offers, actually is not only a method of receiving information for your potential clients. It also can become means of a dialog between your customers and you. Besides, on a site you can place examples of operations and responses from grateful customers. If you have the site, clients trust you much more, after all the resource testifies to purity of your thoughts and gravity of your intentions.

2 . Have the blog. Especially as it can become at least interesting tool which will incline to a dialog you and your client. Advantages of the blog before a site are obvious: the second is, as a rule, static, and the first is permanently updated, presenting to readers new, fresh and up-to-date information. Besides, if you take yourselves for the rule permanently to update the blog and to write on freelance subject or on your services, you will be able fairly to promote in search engines. As result, you will become the noticeable personality on a network. Important and how you will have the blog: it shall be professional and friendly on the attitude towards all readers.

3 . For own promotion use social networks and services. You can prefer as all favourite social networks, and to select uzkotematichesky communities, for example, what are devoted to freelance or volume, than you are engaged - to SEO, a copywriting, design, a web development or something else. You shouldn't forget and about professional forums where you also will be able to get acquainted with potential customers and to tell about yourselves not only to them, but also the colleagues on shop. For promotion use the statuses of social networks, and also report about any news is also will allow to draw attention of target audience.