Ambulance for optimizers: what to do if line items of a site started decreasing sharply?

If you are a participant any of professional SEO – communities, most likely, you happened to hear calls for help of other optimizers which noted sharp loss of line items of a site.

That for you the situation when line items of a site start decreasing sharply, didn't become unpleasant surprise, we advise in advance to develop the plan on elimination of errors and resetting of line items.

скорая помощь

However, and those webmasters, at which:

  • the traffic decreased;

  • attendance of a resource fell down;

  • site line items fell in retrieval output;

  • there are no transitions from search engines, also will be able to find mass useful to itself if decide to examine our material.

First of all, it is worth understanding that return of line items of a site shall become end-to-end solution. And if today you use only one our council, means you can not calculate that in the near future the situation will change to the best.

If quite recently you started noting that the traffic falls in an arithmetical progression, and transitions from searchers decrease day by day, most likely, robots imposed the filter on your web resource.

The reasons of falling of traffic can be a little. For example, it isn't pleasant to searchers when the optimizer uses the duplicated content. Be ready to that if on your site is present копипаст, pages won't appear in the main output, and will appear only occasionally in additional results where Internet users practically never look. The content shall be unique is the first and important rule to which all optimizers strictly shall follow today!

Line items of a site can be lost and if someone another uses your content as the main to the site. For a solution the pilferer should be found, or to delete the placed content, having replaced it on the new unique.

If you use one of methods of illegal promotion of a site, be ready to that your site will lose line items. Since the childhood us taught that all secret sometime becomes explicit, so the searcher if not now, will invent further new algorithm which will convict you of application of gray and black methods of optimization.

Rather often, for example, line items start being lost when you begin trade in links with pages of the site. For searchers sale of links is as a red rag for a bull, and therefore fight against this problem is carried constant and rigid. Authoritativeness of pages of a site can be reduced if you are engaged in sale of links.

Line items decrease when you use references to "black" sites, or such resources which fell into disgrace retrieval robots. Surely check the fact of existence of such links to notify loss of traffic and conversion lowering.