We study methods of black optimization. Refspam: what it is necessary to know about it?

Today, as we know, the spam is a black method of advance of a site. However recently popularity collects also other phenomenon of "black" optimization – рефспам. Let's try to clarify that this such.

The spam, as we know, happens different types. And each of us daily, entering into ICQ or using service of "VKontakte", checking mail, unsubscribing in logs and diaries, faces his numerous manifestations. For what the spam today is used? Not only for advance and bright, being remembered, annoying "public relations" of the product, but also and for an anti-advertizing of goods and production of competitors.


So, the spam happens several types. And today on равне with happiness letters which come to many Internet users, quite often we become witnesses of a spam in logs. Such spam is called refspamy.

Refspam, as well as other varieties of a spam, pursue one important and necessary aim of "black" optimizers - it is possible to receive as bigger number of back references to an advanced Internet resource that will allow to increase a rating in a search engine. And in this case optimizers anything, even doesn't stop permanently changing algorithms which methods to improve quality of search and not to consider the links received from spamny resources. And still the spammer will find a way out always. So, it will be provided both new visitors, and new, rather high traffic, and new results in outputs.

In essence, рефспам, or as it is called by optimizers "a spam in logs" represents competently tuned system of automatic appeals to a site with substitution of a necessary refer. The Referalny link appears in logs of statistics of a site a bit later.

The concept рефспама developed in the Runet for a long time – approximately when dorveist were in searches of the most suitable methods of adding of back references to the site for further improving of its line items in retrieval outputs. Today to find the fact of a referalny spam not easy – for this purpose it is necessary to establish the special software issuing to the statistician on a site. Such services also show the most detailed and exhaustive information, including traffic sources. Pay attention, whether there are at quality of such sources referers which most often in services are specially sorted in decreasing order by quantity of requests from a certain referer.

In case of a referalny spam the appeal to a site occurs at automatic level – thus from your resource only couple kilobyte is drawn out, or the traffic generally isn't drawn out: in this case spammers use function of opening of connection (fsockopen).