DisAllow Plug-in

Plug-in disAllow

Plug-in disAllow handles the entire webpage’s code and prohibits search engines to index external links posted on your site. The feature of this plug-in is that it handles THE ENTIRE page’s code. I.e. it handles even that link that is in the footer and, indeed, in any part of the page.

When the plug-in finds a link it checks whether it is external or not, i.e. whether it refers to a page on your site or on any other (external) site. If the plug-in detects that it is an external link it puts it in a container "<noindex>" (prohibition of indexation for Yandex search engine) + assigns a value "rel = 'nofollow'" to it (prohibition of indexation for the other search engines) + assigns the parameter "target = '_blank'" (link opens in a new window and the user does not go away from your site).

In the plug-in settings you can configure domains - exceptions. In other words, specify to the plug-in links to sites that do not need prohibition to be indexed by search engines.

In order to specify to the plug-in which part of the code does not need to be checked you must put this piece of code in the container <allow>.

For example: <allow>
<a href="http://allowedLink">allowedLink</a>