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Full widget
- all types of Facebook content

A full-covering feed, containing all three types of content: posts, photos and videos. Menu is switched on to help navigate between the tabs with different content. The header is here to show the company’s logo and cover picture. The height of the widget is limited.

Eye-catching Facebook news feed example

A bright news feed with only Facebook posts displayed. The main header is here but the cover picture is switched off. Posts are displayed two in line as the widget adapts to the set width and automatically adjusts the spread of the content. The height of the widget is limited.

Sidebar widget example

With decreased width, the feed looks as a sidebar, yet works for all its worth. It’s set for all three types of content and the menu is here to give a hint. The header is off for a smarter look and the content size is adjusted right for the proportions of the widget.

Facebook photo gallery example

A nice and balanced photo feed shaped of Facebook photos. Menu and header are hidden, it’s just a selection of mesmerizing photos. Minimum of the elements are on not to distract attention from the exciting content.

Facebook video gallery example

The widget is transformed into a Facebook video gallery. Posts and pictures are off, no header and no menu. Videos are shown with titles, descriptions, likes and comments counts and can be viewed in a popup with Share button for seamless sharing.




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