YouTube Channel Pro YouTube Channel and video gallery for Joomla

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YouTube Channel Pro - YouTube Channel and video gallery for Joomla
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In the dynamic world of online content, integrating multimedia elements like YouTube videos into your Joomla website can significantly enhance user engagement. With the YouTube Channel Pro for Joomla, you can effortlessly display any YouTube channel and videos directly on your Joomla site, providing a seamless and immersive experience for your audience.

Key Features:

  • No YouTube API Keys required
  • No coding required
  • YouTube Channel Display: The extension allows you to showcase the YouTube channel on your Joomla website. This feature is particularly useful for content creators, businesses, or organizations looking to consolidate their online presence.
  • Customizable Layouts: Tailor the appearance of the YouTube channel display to seamlessly match your website's design and layout. Choose from various color schemes and styling options to create a cohesive visual experience for your visitors.
  • Video Gallery: Display YouTube Channel videos gallery anywhere on your Joomla site effortlessly. Whether you want to feature specific content on your homepage, within articles, or on dedicated video pages, the extension provides a user-friendly interface for this.
  • Responsive Design: Ensure a consistent and visually appealing experience across devices. The extension is designed with responsiveness in mind, automatically adapting to different screen sizes and resolutions.
  • User-Friendly Configuration: The extension comes with an intuitive control panel, allowing you to configure and customize the display settings without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Easily manage the number of videos displayed and other parameters to suit your preferences.
  • Seamless Integration: Enjoy a smooth integration process with the Joomla platform. The extension is designed to work seamlessly with Joomla's architecture, ensuring compatibility and stability.

How to Get Started:

  • Installation: Simply install the YouTube Channel Pro through the Joomla Extension Manager.
  • Create a widget: Just click "+ New" to create a new widget, input your YouTube channel URL or name, customize the display options, and tailor the integration to meet your website's needs.
  • Preview and Publish: Preview the changes in real-time and once satisfied, publish the updates to make your YouTube channel and videos visible to your website visitors.


Bring your Joomla website to life by incorporating the YouTube Channel Pro. Engage your audience with captivating video content seamlessly integrated into your site, creating a more interactive and compelling online experience.

Elevate your online presence and keep your visitors entertained with this powerful Joomla extension designed for YouTube integration.

Warning! There is an API requests limit that is usually enough for 10 widgets (for different channels) to function normally.

Reviews: 2

Alex G.
Easiest way to embed YouTube Channel in Joomla
1.1.0 Released: 17 April 2024
  • Added Joomla 5.1.x compatibility
1.0.4 Released: 28 February 2024
  • Fixed error on widgets delete
1.0.3 Released: 22 February 2024
  • Small fixes

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